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that wasn't entirely a big, heavy album says Jackson, whose last release, 2006's profoundly acclaimed Like Red on A Rose was an adventurous exploration of country-soul with producer Alison Krauss. 'Sissy's Song written for the funeral of a family friend, honors a young woman's memory with all the compassionate dignity that country often brings to lost-love ballads. As for going with what he calls a frequently lighter country touch, Jackson is equally common sense and matter-of-fact. That's one of the reasons I came to Nashville, was to do that kind of music. The effortless range of Good Time recalls the work of Hank Williams - who, as Jackson says, knew a thing or two about balance and keeping things creatively together. He is a first-rate songwriter who doesn't insist on singing only his own songs. "I Still like Bologna" could have been just a belly laugh about an old sandwich, but in Jackson's presentation it stands in for cherished traditions that predate cell phones. It's a Friday night country tune sung by a dog-tired guy who has worked straight through the week yet doesn't want to sleep - not now; not when "all the conditions are right as Jackson sings, for something sweeter. The guy has cashed his check, cleaned his truck, picked up his girl across town, and as the sun goes down, he, s heading out for some fun - some beer, some Bocephus, some relief. "He'd write uptempo 'Jambalaya 'Mind Your Own Business.' But then he'd write ballads and do religious songs and gospel things. This is the same track that we played at the funeral. In the end, what you keep coming back to with Alan Jackson and his work strapse und high heels body touch osnabrück is something that artists in any musical field might envy: balance. It's a mixture of styles and subjects so somebody can hopefully find something on there to like.". As country bottom lines go, Jackson's is among the very richest.

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Extra 3 swinger pornostar männer "We just went into the studio erotikmassage in essen callboy berlin and started fooling with them Jackson says of the 22 songs he brought to the studio. Take "When the Love Factor's High I love that song, and when I played that for my wife she said 'Man, I just love that - it's a country song. Suddenly you are humming the melody and this hook just pops. He's won every award in the book but doesn't let that be the end of his creative stories. And then some of them come clean out of thin air.
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We wanted to make a country record with the songs we wanted. 154 gästehaus haiderhof: urlaub am bauernhof für gruppen und bewegungseingeschränkte menschen, schule am bauernhof - landschulwochen und projekttage, gruppenreisen: vollpension, halbpension, zimmer mit frühstück oder selbstversorger, jungscharlager urlaub am bauernhof, urlaub in österreich, behindertengerecht, schule am bauernhof, schulklassen, hauptschule, volksschule, allgemeine sonderschule, sonderschule, gymnasium, österreich. But that's just the way.". A song like that might be hard to get that played on radio today. I have heard them in dialogue in movies or in a magazine ad or a billboard. Somebody will just phrase something differently. Something you have heard a hundred times, but the way they phrase it will sound like a song title. "It was for a lady who worked here at our house; someone I saw everyday like family he says. They'd just rather have something that makes their day easier, you know.". When people start classifying you in the industry as a writer, then it's real easy to start trying to write for writers and not for the fans. "On "Small Town Southern Man I didn't sit down to write a song about my family and my daddy and granddaddy, but I did pull from that stuff. His work is a hybrid of Nashville professionalism and personal expressiveness: His songs offer the hummable polish of the most expert Music Row copyrights at the same time that they expose the personal interiors that listeners associate with the work of self-contained singer-songwriters. With Good Time, Jackson says, "Keith and I just wanted to go in there and have fun making a record. The collection reunites Jackson with his excellent long-time Nashville producer Keith Stegall, who encouraged him to stick with his own songs for this record. "I've just always written things that are lighter, or simpler, just things that I like and things that my fans still like. "You know Jackson continues, "I felt like I wanted something that had some fun on it, because when I play in concert people still want to hear songs like 'Chattahoochee' and 'Don't Rock the Jukebox' - all those are a big part of our success. He says he's not sure why refining and breathing new life into different stripes of classic country keeps compelling him. Loose, inventive, traditional, high-spirited, sad, intense, laid-back, clear as a bell, the album is a great Alan Jackson hang. "She died suddenly of an accident this past spring and it was really hard on me and all. And then, there were a couple that came out on their own, like "Sissy's Song.". They all have the same qualities and same goals as a small town southern man." "I guess I don't sit down and analyze it, or have a plan in advance. He is a dedicated, informed country classicist unafraid of the new. I've always gone in and said, 'We just want to make a good record.' I don't care if I write any of them or all of them. That's the bottom line, right there.". "Memories are some source of inspiration, but typically some of the better hooks come from when you are with a group of people and everybody is just talking a bunch of nonsense.

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