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very exciting. If you don't like to spend much time maintaining your toys, this one may not be for you. Even though it's a bit more expensive, it's worth the money. STU, show me the way! You wont want to masturbate without one after using. I wish I'd bought one sooner, as I much prefer it to a hand. One word of warning - your cock will lust for the STU after just one use and you'll want to practice a lot. fleshlight stu erotische partnerfotos That in mind, if youre someone who doesnt last very long in bed, would like to practice with something thats as close to the real thing as youre going to get while also having a few pointers, suggestions, goals, or tips to help guide you. So why should you buy it Cause it is simply the best masturbation sleeve on the market. When it comes time for the real deal because of this toy you will last a long time. It is an excellent, easy to use, simple, and really good feeling sex toy. Greatly improved stamina in bed, improved sexual technique and rhythm, more intense orgasms. If you're looking to improve your stamina and think this is the sex toy god's answer to that, you're wrong. Loosen it up for sexual training, and tighten it more as you start to last longer. The only thing disappointing about the product is the case. Would I buy this toy over any other Fleshlight? 3, do you want a Flashlight, or a Fleshlight? Month three I still have a hard time going more than 30 pumps non-stop in the Fleshlight, It becomes more of a mental game you play with yourself to see long you can last. Inside the stamina training unit are about one hundred marble sized sensitivity balls, or speedbumps. It feels good to cum inside something and not have to worry about it slipping out of your hand. This is my review ich suche frau in berlin ried im innkreis of the Fleshlight STU.


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